Thursday, July 24, 2008

Darn it Sauce

ok, so THIS was going to be my first post.
the other day, when my "practically grown up" 6 yr old was still a 5 yr old, we were driving to...somewhere, i suppose, and he asked for something. I think ice cream at Braums or something. I said no because we had stuff to do and i had to get ready for work in just a few minutes. He replies with "darn it sauce!"
excuse me?
"Darn it sauce?" i asked, confused. "WTF is darn it sauce?" Wonderboy looked at me, laughing. "You know, on Spongebob, when things go wrong and he says 'darn it sauce!'?"
"OH!" i said, laughing. "I think you mean TARTAR SAUCE!"
silence again.
"What's tartar sauce?" asked Wonderboy. "It's that white stuff you put on fish. You" i trailed off lamely.
Carson bursts out laughing. "Darn it sauce," he snorts. "I'm so funny sometimes, mommy."
Yes you are, little man. Happy Birthday.
image courtesy of my blackjack


Mama P said...

He is gawgous!!!! So funny, too. I'd love to hear about his school and your crazy little Ella, too. And that crazy seizing husband of yours. Wow, so much to say, so little time. Go to bed for fuck sake!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Your will be ready for BlogHer next year. Start deciding which body parts you can afford to live without.