Tuesday, July 29, 2008

omg....i'm stupid

so....i just applied for grad school. because i suck. and i apparantly have a compulsive need to PUNISH MYSELF. god help me. and my family.
i don't even know why i'm telling ya'll this, cause what if i don't get in? then i'll look even dumber....too stupid to punish myself. lol.
ella said "shit" in walmart yesterday. it was a great moment, as you can probably imagine. especially since the little old lady with her oxygen heard it and almost had a stroke. and carson the helpful was all "i TOLD you she said a BAD WORD!!! I TOLD you, mom! You should put SOAP in her mouth." so...so much for covering that up. hmm.
my major, you ask? what, you don't care? shuttup, you do, too. women's health. now, as my husband puts it, i'll be a "vaginacologist." he's handy for something, i guess...those nicknames he gives us all are pretty good.
gotta go fax transcript requests. wish me luck.


Evenspor said...

Good luck getting in, and good luck not going crazy once you do get in.

tifRN said...

thanks, arwen! i'm hoping it goes well. :) or at all.

kristina said...

I have a feeling you'll get in. Best of luck.