Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weird things I've had to say today....

"Carson, we DO NOT pull our penis out of our underwear and do a little dance! Especially in front of Mommy!"

"Ella, crawling right back into my vagina isn't going to make me move out of the way. Say excuse me!"

who knew kids warranted such common sense information?

* * * * *

so now ella is twenty-five, instead of not quite twenty months. she feeds herself, and insists on stepping into her shoes and shorts/skirts instead of laying down to be dressed. she is currently running apeshit at my aunt betsy's house with a humungous pocketed bib designed to catch food on....only it's backwards. so now she's super ella and refuses to let me take a picture. damn kid. it's a good thing she lets me dress her up and make hairbows for her, or this relationship would be shot, I tell you. and she's SUCH a girl (i know, i know, i just rolled my eyes at that statement, too) but it slays me a little at how prissy she is. if you ask her "where's your fabulous handbag?" she runs and finds either the sequins with the marabou or the ruffley rose purse. she loves shoes and disney princesses, which let me tell you, the disney princess thing killed my soul a little. not that that stopped me from buying the damn disney princess canopy bed...although in my defense it was a hell of a deal and the only girl bed toys r us had. i asked for a toddler bed with estrogen and i got that or diego. i wonder what they're insinuating about diego there? maybe he rescues animals with his fabulous handbag, like ella.
image of me looking like a fatass, holding ella the evil overlord

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Steph said...

I have one of those girl thingies, too. Sparkly purse, Disney princess, Barbie...right after mud pies, thank you!