Thursday, August 14, 2008

hi, ya'll

my offspring...let me show them to you.

so i guess i took a little vacation there, or something, since i haven't updated in awhile. though i did get pictures taken of my kids...that poor, poor photographer. she deserved combat pay. Princess was so awful it was almost funny because it came down to laughter or suicide and i didn't want to mess up the props. Wonderboy starts school on monday and is so excited. i was until i met his teacher, who looked at me like "what's WRONG with your child?" as i told her about the sensory processing disorder and asthma. i was so pissed. how dare she? i mean, really. she CHOSE a field that involves maximum interaction with children, who, even when perfect, aren't perfect. grr.

see that white trash gene, now?

WELL....on a better note. i won an award! for arwen thinks i'm awesome! and now i have more blogs to add to my "blogs i stalk..." not that i know how to link to them. i started reading lesbiandad and lookydaddy and spors of the desert, all great reads, check them out.


Mama P said...

How is it that you have the cutest boy on the planet. With the Danny Partridge hair!!! aHHHH!!!! Can I use this photo for a post at BabyCenter and link you? Let me know. It is awesome. Stink would have this hair also if it weren't for his curls. We call it Jew Fro in loving deference to my Jewish heritage on my dad's side. We all have curls.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Adorable pictures and glad you're back!
(Haven't seen you on Momfo in a while, but a day to me feels like FOREVER sometimes..)
And yeah, I have to echo mama p's comment. Jew Fro is a definite curse. I have it. My daughter so far has escaped, but if I keep praying (depending on if she's good or bad) she may get it too..