Saturday, August 2, 2008

you know how sometimes....

you know how sometimes you get news that makes your whole day better? i just got some of that today, in a roundabout way.
let me back up.
ok, when i wrote that first post it was after the SHITTIEST day. my cousin, who is a ripe old 20 years old, got married. no big, right? wrong. the guy she married was .... are you ready?
yes, apparantly. they have a beautiful 9 month old little boy, who i could just eat he is so cute. so that's a perk of their relationship, i guess. but why get married just because of a kid? i mean, it isn't 1955 anymore. you don't HAVE to do that. sure, it's a good thing, but not, to me, a REQUIREMENT. carson was 3 before jason and i got's just easier to break up than divorce, ya know? but my cousin gave us 7 days notice and got married. beautiful dress, small wedding, haphazard reception that had more potential than anything else. it was very sad, to me, on all fronts. she wasn't excited. she was resigned. she was told over and over by her stepfather she HAD to get married because her baby was a bastard (WTF??). her mother, my awesome aunt, died when she was just a teenager, and a young one at that. her husband was a fuckwad. his family, the same. none of us were excited because we knew about the penchant for children thing. but she wouldn't be swayed. and it broke my heart.
so fast forward to not even a month later. they are getting divorced. and i was so excited. but i feel bad for her because 2 1/2 weeks after they got married, he moved in with an 18 year old girl.
her parting shot? "I guess i'm just too old for you."
you go, girl. you go.

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kristina said...

this is a sad story ... BUT hooray they're not together any more. good riddance.