Saturday, September 13, 2008

Princess the noisy

it seems like i haven't written about Princess in awhile. let me tell you what she says most now.
(insert blood curdling scream here) (and here) (and again)
it's awesome. i wish i had it on video so you could enjoy it, too. (and here).
she will be 2 on dec 1, and there's so much she can do. she can say "excuse me," and "peeze and tank you." only now it's always "tank you, ella!" when she thanks anyone for anything. she loves spongebob and blue's clues and the little mermaid. she calls disney princesses a bunch of racist bastards, i mean, "her babies." she tells me "poopy in my biaper." she's so funny.
(and here)
and yet..the screaming. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh the screaming. and the no napping. did i mention that? the no napping? because it seems to increase the screaming exponentially. but she won't sleep. and if she does she's up all night. with the screaming. (and here).
but i still feel so lucky to have her. and my carson. they are so noisy but so fun. and he has a dr appt on tuesday for adhd eval. we'll see how it goes. (and here). wish us luck.
and now i will try to link on another post to see if i have finally figured out how to do it. we'll see. no laughing.
(and here).
edited to add: i had to take princess's real name off of this post, and this blog, actually (wonderboy's, too) because people were searching it for porn. so, eff you, porn searchers coming to a mommy blog, because my kids have awesome names and now i can't use them.


tif said...

hahaha i figured it out. now how do i do the strike through letters? and no, i'm not kidding. someone tell me how...please? kthnxbai.

Casey said...

Mine turns two on 12/20. They're so cute most of the time but we've recently named ours bipolar molar boy because when he's teething, look out.

Sprite' said...

Oh my lands, the screaming! Sprite is doing the same thing. I have a poem in the works about it. It comes out of nowhere and has it's own vocal arrangement! And mostly when John and I are talking, she starts on it. Oh, and she's calling John "John" now. She got in his face about it last night. Too funny. But when she calls me "jen", I put my mean mommy face on. Double standards welcome here!

Mama P said...

The screaming. I am familiar. But I am home alone now. And I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm soooooooooo tired. you and your middle of the night phone calls suxxor :P

kristina said...

your ella and my zoe share the same bday, only they are two years apart.

yes, i know the screaming too.

but her cuteness makes up for it, no?