Wednesday, September 3, 2008

kick ass, seabass!

ya'll seriously, totally, irrevocably, effing rock. i love ya. i was expecting so much shit for the decision to medicate and you guys? were so great. i send you all e-godivas and chocolate martinis as we speak.
i am supposed to be at work right now, but i am flexed. ahh, beautifully flexed. no work. :)
now if my mammogram just goes well next week a lot of worry will be eliminated. the carson thing is already in the works, teachers filling out vanderbilt forms to score his behavior (or behaviour, for all my canadian peeps). so now i just have to survive the tit squeeze and life will be good. and yes, i am too young. i'm only 25. but i'm having issues and have a huge family hx of breast cancer. my GRANDPA had it. wrap your mind around that.
so wish me luck with the tit squeeze, ya'll. i hope i don't need it but it would be stupid to turn it down. now i'm going to go (wish i could but i'm on call) drink, a lot.


And so it goes said...

flexed? You and I are supposed to work together tomorrow. Yikes.. sorry about the boobage thing, I hope never to go through that myself.

Immoral Matriarch said...

I'm squeezing my own tits right now in good karma efforts. :)

Kim Moldofsky said...

My hands are not leaving this keyboard, but still I wish you luck on the mammo!

dj said...

hopefully i'm not prematurely congratulating myself on my super-techie powers and you will actually receive this comment:
just wanted to say i'm glad i found your blog. i've always enjoyed your comments on momformation and i'm glad to find a place where i can read you regularly(ish)

Sprite's Keeper said...

I'd do a squeeze in support, but a little sore from Aunt Flo who's on her way, so I'm gonna head to the supermarket on the way home and squeeze some honeydews for ya! Or are you more like tomaters? Grapes? Seriously, should I just make a run through the produce section and risk arrest for assaulting the fruit?