Saturday, September 20, 2008

met the foc(alin)-ers

hi, it looks like i'm back from whatever hiatus i was on there. not that i've done anything cool. oh wait, i saved kids' at work with my superior nursing skills.
or not. but whatever. wait, that sounds like someone died. no one died.
i'm rambling, aren't i?
so. guess what. Wonderboy's appt for adhd eval went awesome. total, complete, awesomeness was in that pediatrician's office. he scored so high on the "Focusing problems" and "hyperactivity" areas on his vanderbilt forms that she knew coming in what she was in for. and we know each other, since i work for her and all and have called her at 2 am dozens of times. i was worried that would create a barrier or something (lo, for i am dumb) but it helped. we are now on day 3 of focalin xr.
let's all take a minute here and THANK WHATEVER RELIGIOUS DEITY YOU FEEL LIKE for the rock-onness that is focalin xr.
focalin has instantaneous action without the nasty little side effects, for the most part. he is still eating, no nervous tics, sleeping at night, no aggressiveness. and people, let me just tell you...
we got our first good note home. and our first fun friday. and he made apple cake. and actually tried it. and loved it. (he has a mild sensory processing disorder and does. not. try. new food. EVER.). he's focusing when he comes home, putting his stuff away, playing well, no more effing repetitive noises for 15 hours a day. it's heaven. for him. and vicariously for me, now. i am so relieved. so happy for him. so wishing i hadn't delayed. but dr. said that i did the right thing, she doesn't like to medicate kids at all, much less kindergartner's. she wants them to take a year to adjust to a school setting and see what problems they grow out of.
i am just so freaking grateful that this worked. thank you all for your kind words and prayers and animal sacrifices. it seems to have worked.
p.s. coming soon....6 yr olds running aimlessly (translation: playing flag football on a real team): the photo essay. and i would spin cycle right now but typepad is down and i can't.


Steph said...

That's great, Tif! I'm really happy for you guys!

Supervised Mama said...

I am so very happy for you guys!!!And just to let you know girl I am so there for you on the animal sacrifices. We raise sheep, yep married into it--what the hell was I thinking, and I'm looking for any excuse to get rid of some of these damn things.

Well, anyway, congrats on all the progress, bask in the happiness baby, you deserve it!!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Glad it's going so well!

Casey said...

That's awesome that things are going so well, congrats!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Wow, this must be the silver lining you've been looking for! Congrats! I hope it all continues to fall into place.

kristina said...

Yay! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how things were going. Good to hear.

Brandi said...

That is so super awesome! I bet your little man feels so much better! I'm glad that it worked out for you guys.

Jenny said...

I am so glad things are going well. It is wonderful to get the first good note sent home, isn't it?