Thursday, September 25, 2008

oh, never mind, it's cool

ok, so i checked again and it turns out that most people are searching "insert daughter's name here" as potential baby names. only 2 of 7 or something had the word "p0rn" attached. hmm. still a need for blog names? not sure. but thinking maybe.
yesterday sucked so bad. just one of those days, ya know? or should i say, one of those weeks. my depo was due, so HELLO HORMONES, how are you? bitchy? me, too! let's eat chocolate. and then i go to walmart because my stepmom stole ella's carseat AGAIN (on accident, but still) to buy a new damn carseat to avoid this problem in the future and some old bastard HIT. MY. CAR. my AWESOME car that i bought BRAND FREAKING NEW. oh, i was hot. and when i see this, they come to their car, and i politely told the lady "you guys seem to have hit my car." their license plate was ON TOP of mine, people. explain the physics of ME hitting THEM. which is what they accused me of. then her huband has the nerve to sidle up to me, glaring, and snap "what the hell's your problem??" i almost stroked. i told him "move your fucking POS off of MY car RIGHT NOW or we will have an issue." he left the scene! this, THIS, is why old people shouldn't drive. bastards. and there was no damage, but still. it's just the point. they were so freaking entitled and self righteous and accusatory. i'm still mad about that.
Wonderboy's focalin gets increased today. i think he needs the bump, now that he's used to the 5mg he is having behavioral issues again like before, but he's still so much better i'm afraid to mess with it, ya know? the side effects of too high of a dose are aggressiveness and irritibility. hmm. of course, that could just be genetics from me, so who's to say?
anyone piss ya'll of lately? tell me about it. jen, maybe this could be a spin cycle sometime. and i'm uninstalling intense clue how to work it. it's the comment thingy mamapop uses and i use it there all the time but have no clue how to use it here. so off it goes.
oh, and don't forget......
edited: added site meter instead of statcounter....did you know stat counter only gives you 500 entries, and then you have to pay for it to get any more info? how much does that suck? site meter is free, all the time, and analyzes the search words a little better. lets hope for no more p0rn.


Casey said...

Wow, I like your angry posts! (No offense, I'm just used to being the only angry ranter around).

Glad you figured out the gross name search, that was seriously disturbing.
WTF about those people hitting your car. I'm getting grumpy in my old age so I think I might have landed in jail if some old dude got up in my face like that. Way to restrain yourself!
Lots of things piss me off, I like the dark spin (get it?) on the Spin Cycle. But I might have too many angry stories to tell.
GREY'S STARTS TONIGHT? I was planning on doing laundry and packing for my trip this weekend but that can wait. Thanks for the reminder. Hope your day is looking up.

Sprite's Keeper said...

He he! Already got this week's topic written up, but I promise next week, will be anger management. Thanks for the suggest! Yeah, blue hairs behind the wheel, Oy. In my line, I see this ALL THE TIME. And yet the excuses never get boring. "The pedestrian wouldn't get out of my way, so I hit him."

Brandi said...

Ohhhh I would've been pissed to! What a jerk! I can't believe they left the scene!
I'm glad that the new shows are starting again but wish I had DVR service because I like both Grey's and CSI which since last season comes on AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!! Ugh!

And so it goes said...

I called in dead to all my works, we could have a pediatric disaster in the SW-Mo area, and yet I would still have my ass glued 5 inches from the television.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Ah, sitemeter fun. You will be able to create entire posts based on all the sick terms that people Google to wind up here. Ugh. Some of them are harmless fun, though. Just you wait.