Tuesday, September 23, 2008


so i may have to give my kids blog names. now that i know what SOME SICK FUCKS out there are searching for.
ella jolie porn.
seriously???? help me think of names. i was thinking of prototype a and b. too utilitarian? and someone comment so i can test this intense debate thingy. not thinking i did it right but when i comment it doesn't register on intense debate so i'm having a hard time testing it. and now i have two stat counters, which i don't need, and KNOW i don't need, but i am html illiterate here and just trying to get this damn thing to work. grr.
but srsly, ya'll, PORN??? with my daughter's name? did i name her after a porn star or something?? *head implodes*
edited to add: intense debate is the comment feature on mamapop that you log into over there to leave comments. when i signed up it let me put my blog in and says that comments on my blog will register...or something. no clue what i'm doing here. and i got 25 visitors today and now i'm afraid they're all looking for porn.


Sprite's Keeper said...

I have no idea what intense debate means. Huh? And someone used your daughter's name for searching porn? Ew! There's a reason I don't look at my stats and see what search words brought who where. How about a name like NOYDB, none of your damn business? That's all I can think right now.

Supervised Mama said...

Yeah, I have no idea what the intense debate thing is either, can you clue me in? That was one of our concerns we named our DD Jenna. We got a lot of comments about Jenna Jamason....oh well.

kristina said...

yuck re the porn.

how about a name that describes their personality or a physical attribute ... or something playful, a la mama p with stink and pip.

Casey said...

Eek, that's scary.