Friday, September 5, 2008

spin cycle...impressions

jen over at sprite's keeper does a spin cycle every friday. i missed the last two weeks so here's a go for next week.

so, first impressions. hmmmm. i have a snippet in my profile that says i have the "white trash mom gene." this story should reinforce that for you.

carson was four when he wanted his ears pierced. begged and begged and BEGGED. I said no, you're too little. then my nephew got his done, and he's 6 months younger than carson. kind of blew my argument. so i tried a different take. "they'll make fun of you;" "they'll call you a girl." carson looked up at me with all the confidence of a four year old and stated "i have a penis, mom. i know i'm a boy." ok, then. and then as the final blow he offered to use his summer school money from our school ($100 if you go every day) to pay for it.

so what's a mom to do, right?

so. we go to walmart to get his ears pierced, as they pierced ella's. i actually know how to pierce (it can't be any harder than starting a scalp iv in a newborn with down syndrome) but i can't pierce my own kids. blech. but the lady at walmart, whom i've known for years, wasn't there. and i didn't trust the other lady. and i couldn't quite make myself go to a piercing parlor. (hypocrite, much?) so we went to the mall, sat down at icing, and got started.

here's where that first impression comes in.

carson has skater hair, you can see that from his pictures. so this lady--we'll call her the Christopher Banks groupie--walks by and sees all that hair, and ella in her stroller, and smiles. then she stops, gapes at carson, turns around to glare at me through the glass--me, who had been smiling at her, thinking "wow, she's pretty accepting"--and very clearly calls me "white trash."


i didn't even think, i just calmly told j to take the stroller. J knows me pretty well after almost 8 years together (6 at the time) and slightly panics and tells me to "just calm down. she's a bitch, forget about her." i just walked outside of icing and said, loudly as she walked away quickly in her cheap payless heels, "i'm sorry, did you have something to say to me?" she tried speeding up and i said "yes, you....the bleached blonde in the cheap heels." she turned around and proceeds to tell me that i'm a white trash individual and my son will grow up to be a thug due to my poor parenting choices. and i lost it.

i walked up to her and hissed "who the HELL do you think you are? you can insult me all damn day but don't you DARE talk about my kids, you snotty, intolerant bitch." she's pretty surprised and just kind of stares at me with her mouth open. i proceeded to tell her that she approximately 5 seconds to sashay her ass down that walkway or she'd see EXACTLY how whitetrash i could be. and she clicked away so fast you'd of thought i set her on fire.

now this isn't about my first impression on her...she made that clear. this is about my first impression to the poor girl piercing carson's ears, lol. i came back in--the whole thing took about a minute--and she's cleaning his earlobes while staring at me open mouthed. i sighed, thinking i'd probably scared the hell out of her.

then she beams. "you," she said, "are the coolest mom EVER." and i beamed, too.carson at age 4(ish), sporting his bling and some gogurt.
edited to add (thank you insomnia) now i am afraid i gave you all the wrong impression, that i'm psychotic with a hair trigger who hates payless shoes. that couldn't be further than the closet is full of a few good brands and then tons of payless heels and flats, myself. :)


Sprite's Keeper said...

Omigod, I am in shock at first the woman who dared to call you "white trash" and then your confrontation, which I don't think anyone expects. Good for you! I don't see a lot of boys with pierced ears these days, but if it makes Carson happy, and he knows what he's getting into going in, good for you to encourage his confidence!
You're linked now and will be again next Friday and I am glad you're playing!

Allinole said...

You go girl!

Supervised Mama said...

You are completely AWESOME!!!! I think I would have socked her. I'm not really one to let things go, I definitely would have gone after her too. You ROCK!!

Mama P said...

I LOVE YOU. You know that. Come on out to L.A.. We'll go to a fancy smancy bistro, get botox and highlites, then go home to my crib and eat frito pie while the kids run in the sprinklers.

Brandi said...

That was...AWESOME! You go mom! It's cute to see a boy that knows what he wants! He logically thought it out what he wanted and strived for it!

Casey said...

Wow, what a bitch. People are so blatantly rude, it's shocking. Glad you put her in her place though.

You actually said what the rest of us would have been thinking.

Krystal aka Mommy K said...

you go mom! I swear, some people have some nerve.

I would have ben right behind you in doing so (I have had mys hare of outbursts with onlookers)

HeatherPride said...

People who do that sort of thing are used to their victims being shocked into silence, so they don't get called out and often go about their merry, self-righteous way before the victim can think of a response. I love that you confronted her. I confronted an old bag in IHOP one day after she LOUDLY critiqued my parenting skill, and I thought she was going to crawl under the table. It still burns me when I think about it, but I'm glad I gave it back to her!

Betsy said...

Unbelievable! You are one awesome white trash mom.I used to date a Swiss guy who had two pierced ears. It is customary for all farmers in his region to wear earrings. Carson sounds like a man with a plan.