Monday, October 13, 2008

hai, huband killed computer. send booze.

hai, innernet! ya'll are so sweet, asking where i am. thanks! it's nice to know that if i go on a rage spree on, i dunno, old people who HIT PERFECTLY GOOD SCION XA'S you guys will notice when i'm in county. how are things? i am blogging from a friend's computer because, in case the title wasn't clear enough, jason ANNIHILATED ours. goddammit. and then the virus "protection" we got at walmart (fuck symantec. and the horse the rode in on) ANNIHILATED the back up. not that walmart would take it back...that is apparently a "copy right" violation. it probably didn't look good that i was all, "look, if i was gonna illegally burn antivirus software i'd buy the really expensive one, not the el cheapo $20 one, right?" that didn't, um, exactly help. but seriously. and i've missed two, TWO, spin cycles and i'm pissed. and jen, technically it's the wicked witch from the wizard of oz, but we know her real name. because we're cool like that.

and i've been tagged, apparently, to give ya'll the fourth picture in something or other. so here goes. maybe. keep in mind i have NO MORE PICTURES JESUS SHIT left since hard drive is all fried and shit, so these are photos from my black jack. this is a pic of Wonderboy holding a humongous caterpillar that "has lots of hair! and long black spiky things! on his BUTT!" (imagine butt stretched out to make two separate words, here, people. behold the six year old.) (also, ignore my pointy fingernails of certain death.) "but i pulled those off...he doesn't need hair on his BUTT, right?" indeed.

and i have a question, for all of you with little girls. do they wear hairbows? because i make them and am (gulp) interested in selling them. i have several set aside for pip and andrea if she'd ever GIVE ME HER ADDRESS, AGAIN, HINT HINT (sorry i deleted that email, btw). so...anyone interested? whenever i can have time and computer access i'll download some pics and show ya'll what i make. leave me a comment and i'll send you my email addy if u r interested.

ok, pimping done। now back to regularly scheduled (if now intermittent, due to lack of a computer) happy.
एडिटेडतो अदद: वेट...आईटी'स टाइपिंग इन अरबिक और सोमेथिंग। फुक्क। हंग ओं। ओके, एडिटेड टा दद, इ फोर्गोत तो टैग पीपुल!
ha! whoops! sorry about the hindi, there. my bad. what i said was, (what? you can't read that?) that i forgot to tag people to play the game. i have to tag four. so i pick andrea, sarah, brandi, and danny. go team.


lindsay weiss said...

tif- let's talk hairbows...

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ha! Missed you! Don't worry, the Spin Cycle will be here for you when it's all good again. Hairbows, Sprite will wear them intermittently. It's like playing the lottery. I put them in. They come right out. I put them in. They stay in all day. Don't put your money on black. Score!
BTW, Wicked is coming to my area in March! Are your eyes green? YAY!!!!!

dj said...

ok. glad it's the computer and not anything that, you know, breathes or something. anyway, glad to hear you're back.

Sarah, GOon Squad Sarah said...

Um... what am I supposed to do?

(Talk slow, I am easily confused.)