Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i hate you computer. HATE YOU SO MUCH.

so just in case a single person on the internet missed it, baby tivo has arrived! go on over to amalah's site and welcome ezra harrington storch, and wish her luck in getting his frenulum fixed on thursday.
and have ya'll ben to andrea's site, life happins? it's with karin and stella (LOVE me some stella), and karin just named her blog. and thanked me. but it was katie who named it, so i (hopefully) fixed that. sorry, katie.
Wonderboy's tooth broke. in half. all the way down to the gum...the tooth that i have asked the dentist to permanently fill a hundred frillion times now. dammit. now his first missing tooth gets to be an extraction. that won't be traumatic or anything. and this makes me nervous as i just went to the dentist the other day and now have a dentist bill with a comma in it. A FUCKING COMMA. my front two teeth got cavities in them when Wonderboy was about two, and i got them filled immediately. which apparantly did me no good at all as they have been refilled about 8 times since then. and one of the fillings wasn't even permanent. le fuck? you think my last dentist would have maybe clued me into that little detail. but NOOO. so now the cavity has spread into the nerve and i need a root canal and a crown on both. which even with insurance will be about $1100 out of pocket. and did i mention i HATE teeth? give me a scalp iv on a newborn anyday, or a nasopharyngeal wash (translation: suck a lot of snot out of a baby's nose and spray it into saline) anyday, anytime. i'll do mrsa gladly. teeth make me sick. literally nauseous. especially mine. and when you get your front teeth numbed it numbs all the way to your BRAIN. christmas gifts? what are those? mommy needs teeth. her two front teeth, actually. and no, it isn't funny. ok, maybe a little. but still.
Princess looks so dam cute today. i went on etsy and got a pillowcase dress from Lomah Acres that is a ghost, and she has pumpkin tights and the worlds biggest damn halloween hairbow. so cute. if she didn't have a snotty nose i might just eat her.
now if only they had cute clothes for big boys on there. but i am not finding them.
and i HATE my computer. this bastard of a machine is keeping me from blogging and i am pissed. it sucks to check blogs on a blackjack. maybe if it were an iPhone...bnut no. i need teeth. TEETH. i have to go now...i taste bile.

edited to add: why no comments??? i miss you ppl! make me feel pretty!

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Kim Moldofsky said...

Here's some comment love for ya, Tif. I have loads of teeth issues, too. And no dental insurance. It stinks. I have a million dollar smile, but you'd never guess it due to my poorly bonded front teeth (broke them as a child). Every couple of year I aks for an estimate for what it will take to make them look all purty and I always gag when he hands it to me. Um, maybe when the kids are out of college? Or maybe some dentist wants me to blog about his ability to craft lovely fake teeth? Sigh.