Saturday, October 4, 2008

now back to previously scheduled happy

so. hai, innernet! i am in such a better mood, i just can't tell you. the horribleness that was september is behind us and so far october is really good. except lestat has fleas. but other than that...Wonderboy's med is stabilizing. without upping the dosage. so that's good. Princess is talking more and shrieking (slightly) less. awesomeness. i got the elphaba doll at mcdonalds today. also good. work got 4 admits in 60 minutes and I WASN'T THERE. hahahaha. and i'm going butt wild today and getting an expensive ass pumpkin spice frappcucino. god bless starbucks. now if they would just serve that, and cranberry bliss bars, all year long...they'd get a lot more of my business.

oj simpson found guilty! lol. bout time. andrea has a new entry up. ALSO ABOUT TIME, WOMAN. :) now if miss doxie would just write something. and baby tivo would arrive.

so what's your favorite holiday? ours is halloween. Wonderboy is going to be bumblebee from transformers and Princess will be a pumpkin, which is a horrible cliched outfit i swore i'd never do until i saw this. mwah haha. i kind of wanted to have them be a themed something; last year he was a pirate and she was an octopus (we told him she was the cracken from pirates of the Caribbean); i was thinking blue from blue's clues and joe. but he really wanted to be bumblebee. we went and ate breakfast today, just the two of us, and ran some errands. some awesome postal worker (yes, you read that right) gave him a puzzle made of "stamps" that are about 10x12 inches, and makes all the marvel characters. he is PSYCHED. sat right down in the floor and put it together why we were there. and i think maybe i have just started rambling, look! halloween awesomeness from last year! and......i got nothing. oh wait, i take it back. i AM pissed. MY STUPID EFFING LINKS AREN'T WORKING. for some reason, it keeps putting in front of all the damn addresses. so you can get the gist of the blog addys i'm talking about, because i just had an embolism and took the link off. DAMN YOU BLOGSPOT for not letting me edit them consistently, you freaking asshole. the other link is working, for some reason. grrrr. i have to go now so i can channel back my previous happy.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Um, Mcdonalds has an elphaba doll? As in Wicked? Um, really? Am I going to have to go there after 2 years of denying myself Mickey D's if only to get my hands on one? Oh, Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider, for the first cold day. I'll be there!)

Betsy said...

Your stream of consciousness style of writing is so incredibly refreshing. Don't change a thing. There are priceless gems in practically every sentence. Hope October treats you better than Sept.

Supervised Mama said...

Oh, what a cute pic of last years Halloween. And I so love the pumpkin cotume, too cute!! So glad that October has started out better than September!

lindsay weiss said...

amen for pumpkin spice and cranberry bliss, baby.

and september was craptastic here too...thank god for October.

kristina said...

I agree with Betsy. I love you thoughts and your bluntness and your style.

And pumpkins are cute costumes. Those are adorable photos.

dj said...

tif? where are you? our scheduled happy is LATE! we're desperate for a fix - we'll take anything - crabby, sobby, fire-breathing rage - whatever. where are you???

p.s. really. is everything ok?

Supervised Mama said...

Tag you're it...visit my blog to find out the details...

Hope you'll play.

Andrea Frazer said...

Love the pictures!

Your comments, btw, are not being eaten. They are there! Though WEebly is a pain to get used to, it's going to be fine.

Quick favor: Can you please see if you can sign up for my tab, passthezoloft, with the RSS burner and tell me what it does? Not sure if I registered correctly with Feedburner or not and I'm getting irritated.

Again, click on the orange RSS button on the right of my sidebar and cut and paste my passthezoloft tab in, with your email, and see if my fucking posts get sent your way.

Pardon my french.

Your kids are fucking adorable.