Monday, October 13, 2008

oh, hey UK...

so, people? in the UK? who keep googling "insert popular search phrase here which involves my daughter's name and porn" and "and again here, which i am removing because, seriously" QUIT BEING SICK FUCKS AND COMING TO MY BLOG. MINE. WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY A MOMMY BLOG. SRSLY.
and, you, from maine? who wants to know if "focalin can be cooked into a rock?" SERIOUSLY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???????
GET OFF MY EFFIN LAWN!! names, anyone? i still like prototype a and b.
and check out my teenage vampire boyfriend (shuttup, it is to legal if they're a century old, just ask someone over at mamapop) on the bottom of the page. wanted him to the side but it kept cutting off his head.


Jennifer said...

The Twilight countdown clock is as pretty as waves. Seriously, I think opening night is going to be a bunch of old ladies (moi) slapping the hell out of some skinny betches who try to cut in line at the local Cinemark. They have their youth...I have flexible office hours and a goth cougar obsession. I may see it more than once on Friday.

BTW, if you love the Twilight books, check out the Sookie Stackhouse books (Dead Until Dark, etc). They rock.


Jenny said...

For blog names, maybe things they like or obsessed with. For instance, Princess or something. Or nicknames...Sweetpea, etc.
I'm drawing a blank, lol.
And my sister is sooooo into Edward and Twilight. :)

kristina said...

Crazy sick folks out there