Saturday, October 25, 2008

so whats up?

it's spin cycle time, betches. i have missed, oh, a frillion now, so i will recap what i remember about the ones i've missed. i have no anger management skills other than venting a lot. and cussing loudly. i am deathly, horribly afraid something awful will happen to my children and i know i wouldn't be able to cope with that. or that something will happen to ME and my husband won't be able to cope with day to day stuff like medications and dentist appts and lunch money. and for this week, i am laughing as i remember playing a trick on both my high school principal and the police department in my town. my senior year i went trick or treating (shuttup) with a fellow cheerleader, a guy named mike. mike was HAWT. and i dressed him up in drag. he had on a wig, whore house wonder bitch makeup (extra bonus points of fake awesome if you know where that phrase came from) a black skin tight halter top dress, and heels. it was nice. i had on a prom dress. we went as chicks. cause we're creative. so anyway, a lot of candy and some probable alcohol later, we ended up at our principal's house (read: MAJOR ASSHOLE). we toilet papered the house and the tree and were just getting out the eggs and pumpkins when red and blue lights came on behind us. shit. totally busted, right?
i had mike put his head down so the wig covered his face. mike had a bit of a reputation with the cops there. something about not being allowed in city limits. i, on the other hand, was national honor society, blah blah blah nice girl. so i talked and convinced the police officer we had found these two kids with very vague descriptions--they were tall, i think? and probably blonde?--vandalizing dickweed's house. so i got out my cellphone to call the cops and they left. so we picked up the pumpkins to take home for our own use.
and they bought it. lock, stock, and barrel. they drove off and we left. and i don't remember what all we did but i'm fairly certain probable alcohol was indeed involved. at my house, with my mom. cause i'm a rebel.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Welcome back! I'd hug you, but people hugging computers are very strange/ So I've been told.. So many Spins in one, I believe that is a first too!
TP'ing the principal's house? I was never that mischiveous when I was younger, but always wanted to be.. Sigh. You're linked for the Halloween Spin so people can see you're back!

Casey said...

Wow, I can't believe you pulled one over on your principal like that, nice work! I was always too much of a wuss to try anything like that so I envy your courage. Welcome back!

The Stiletto Mom said...

Wow, that was a bold move!!!
Found you on Spin Cycle...I'm going to go poke around your site a bit, don't mind me....

kristina said...

You are so clever to have pulled that off. You're so funny.

Betsy said...

I'm out of breath from reading this post. When do you breathe, exactly?