Wednesday, November 19, 2008

well shit

guess how i started my day? by finding out that Wonderboy requires oral surgery. for that goddamn broken tooth that, if the dentist would have just FILLED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE, wouldn't need to be pulled. much less extracted after an IV start and sedation.
and, when you interview at the most perfectest hospital ever, why do you have to wait a WEEK to find out if you get the job? WHY???
edited to add: i've decided to NOT have the oral surgery; i am just going to have the dentist use gas and pull it in the office...he doesn't want to, he's afraid he'll traumatize Wonderboy, but i know for a fact that "surgery" will drive him to drink, so it's my way or the highway on this one. and who wants to donate dinero to help me move to wichita, if i get that job?

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