Monday, December 15, 2008

i have a residence!!!

oh, thank you, oh God for this apartment.
i am not even kidding. we drove all over freaking wichita looking for a place. found one that was a 6 bedroom 2 bath that sounded awesome but was in the ghetto and about 4 inches from the highway. with a 2 foot chain link fence that Princess could STEP over should she choose. um, veto?
then we went to the place that we were very hopeful for, who KNEW I WAS COMING, THE RAT BASTARDS, and knocked and knocked and knocked and called and called, and the little shit in the office kept looking at me but wouldn't unlock the door or answer the phone. i was pissed. dicked around there for 3 hours, off and on, trying to find the property manager to show us the 4 bedroom that we wanted.
i repeat, RAT BASTARDS.
so then i'm freaking out, right, and jason is about to admit me to the psych ward because i'm hysterically, frantically, calling every apartment place ever, and no one has anything. i called this one place that i was very hopeful for and they told me since i never sent the app in (which, truthfully, i didn't) and so they rented the place out and the new tenants were moving in today. i cried and cried. and lo and behold, not fifteen SECONDS later a different person there called me back, as i was praying so hard for God to find me a place so we wouldn't be homeless. she told me that (insert angel's choir here, please) the tenants had called and cancelled and did we still want the apartment? i told her "YES!" and she asked, "well, don't you want to see it?" i calmly asked her if the apartment was currently on fire. she paused, confused. "No?" she said hesitantly. "Then I"ll take it!" i went over and signed the papers after viewing my lovely apartment with a fireplace, beamed ceilings, dishwasher (let me repeat this for emphasis: A DISHWASHER) (reinsert angel choir here) and three pools and a sand volleyball court.
and so we have a house.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Alright! No more sleeping in the cold! Hope the move goes well!

Evenspor said...

Yay! Congraulations.