Monday, December 22, 2008

it's my 50th, baby!

so am i over the hill now? is there anything special i should do for my 50th post? strip naked and run down the street or something? no?
i feel so stupid, then. i only wish ya'll had told me sooner.
still packing. and packing. AND EFFING PACKING.
but i did get twitter to work. and i have a male follower. which means i have a male reader? hopefully not the porn surfer. no offense, new guy. just coverin' my bases.
my mom called me today and offered to help me move. that's the equivalent of george bush making an intellegent decision. unprecedented. i am still floored. and not exactly enthusiastic about it bc we have a difficult, convoluted relationship that basically stems around the fact that i'm pretty sure she hates me. so.....things are strange, here.
how are they with you?
edited to add: seriously, in the UK, why why WHY do you keep surfing for my daughter's name with PORN? is there a porn stare over there named that or something? srsly. someone tell me.

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