Thursday, December 11, 2008

some common sense stuff for the me

so. i have found out some common sense things to help with moving. if you, like me, are a dumbass, you may find these useful, so i will list them for you.

1) coffee filters make really good scrubbers if you, like me, don't do housework and so have never actually bought a sponge. don't judge me.

2) any box labelled "picture frames" automatically goes on top of the stack. it just does. don't question it.

3) if you are allergic to bleach, you can't use kaboom. just sayin. you may get a huge rash on your hand, or something.

4) if you have children, esp a 2 year old, farm them out to the local Nike factory until you are done moving. then you get a free babysitter AND new shoes.

5) if your son has to have a big ass molar removed, it's best to do that BEFORE you start packing. because nitrous, as any peds nurse should know, is technically a sedative, and when they come off that they are WHACKED.

6) incidentally, starbucks after the said nitrous probably doesn't help. even if they do only drink hot chocolate. the caffeines in the air, or something.

7) you should wash bedding regularly, rather than piling it up in the hallway in a basket. then, you can use that bedding to wrap the picture frames you may or may not have massacred when you put a box on top of them.

so. i hope this helps. if i will just stick to my own list i will do just fine, i think. going back up to wichita tomorrow to get a place to live. *INSERT PRAYER HERE: PLEASE GOD, HALP. NEED AN APARTMENT/HOUSE/SOMETHING THAT'S NOT A CARDBOARD BOX. PLEASE.*

here. have a picture of my kids. for they look cute and nonthreatening in photographs. just watch out for the little one...she's mean.
and props to April for taking these pics. :)


Evenspor said...

LMHO. As someone who has been there many times - great tips.

Good luck fining somewhere soon.

kristina said...

You're moving again? Any chance closer to STL?