Thursday, December 18, 2008

um, hi? want some stuff?

i have stuff to give away. because i am moving. and need to get rid of stuff, apparantly. do you want it? let me know. and pay postage. then it's yours. :) and i'm thinking of getting a puppy. because i am STUPID. and Wonderboy wants a puppy so damn bad he can't stand it, and he's gotten ella on board. and my mom has some puppies that are--give me a minute here to work out the fraction--1/4 alaskan eskimo and 3/4 australian shephard. the mother is half and half and was bred by a different (i hope) australian shephard, and the puppies are SO cute. they look like little speckled polar bears. and the one Wonderboy (and me too, i'll admt it) has bright blue eyes.
why am i a sucker?
i keep reminding myself, hello, $250 pet deposit, and walking a dog when it's 10 effing degrees. help me stay strong, innernet.

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