Sunday, January 25, 2009

down for the day

ok, maybe i should actually type something next time before i hit "publish." feel free to use that helpful tidbit for yourself.
so i'm down in joplin for the day. got to see some people and get a break from work. it's nice to be back and i'm trying to fight the feeling that i miss it here. i've only been there been a month so it's not like i've been there long enough to give it a go, and there's no job to come back to even if i wanted to. gonna have to leave after awhile to head back up....3 hour drive SUCKS. nothing but oil drills to look at.
so i'm not homeless, which is nice. though my landlord had her assistant call me at 0857 to tell me to pay the rent by 0900 or i'd be evicted. who the HELL gives three minutes notice? i mean, really? i reminded her that the mail didn't come until three o'clock and that my first paycheck was being mailed---all things i had told her before--and so she said i had until three.
well thanks for that! maybe i could sign it over to the mail lady in the parking lot and she could just give me the cash! i didn't get it to them until three thirty but she took it and i wasn't evicted. but seriously.
i am totally moving when my 8 month lease is up. TOTALLY MOVING OUT. hate this place SO much. love the city, love my job (but the sadness of these kids' diagnoses is killing me by inches, sometimes) but the apartment makes it hard to love where i live.
so since i'm so freaking cheerful, what are you guys up to?


Evenspor said...

Sheesh. Nice land lady. Glad you're not homeless. :p

Emily said...

well, that could have gone better :-) I've never been given 3 minutes' notice before, and I've never given that little time if I seriously expect a payment (used to be a collection agent, don't kill me). But glad you're not homeless!

Betsy said...

Geez. Much has happened in your life since I last checked in over here. Glad to hear you have a roof over your head still. Sorry to hear you hate your new digs. Happy to hear your humor is still intact. Loved your comment over at Momfo. Thanks.