Wednesday, January 14, 2009

things are better

*breathes sigh of relief while fighting the impulse to punch my landlord in the face.*

so. i think--THINK--things are better. but don't quote me because that could change. it turns out that if i don't pay my rent by friday i am, quote, evicted. however, i can pay a reinstatement fee to reinstate my lease and then i'm not, you know, homeless.
why could she not have told me that from the effing beginning? do ya'll know how much weight i've lost due to STRESS?? not that i should bitch about weight loss, but still. grr.

and Wonderboy won an award at his new school--complete with a certificate and a medal--for following directions. feel free to leave him a comment so i can read them to him, he will LOVE that. and Princess is a terror. 'nuf said. oh, and the diabetes educator thinks i should check her blood sugar bc some of her signs and symptoms point to having diabetes. which, you know, FUCK.
things are better.
how are you?
oh, and i forgot. go over to clusterfook (can't link it bc it comes to her sales page, but that's the blog title) and give lisa some love. she just ended her chemo and went on hospice care and could use support right now. and visit catherine and give maria some support for poor beaner.


And so it goes said...

WooHoo Carson! You rock! Glad to that things are going so well at your new school, keep winning those awards!!!

Evenspor said...

Cogratulations, Carson. That's great!

Anonymous said...

Im so proud of you Carson! you are an awesome kiddo! miss you bunches! me (cami) Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jan cant wait to see you again and you will have to show us your medal! love you all lots!

dj said...

woah carson! only know you through all the good things your mom tells about you. great job following directions! keep up the good work!