Thursday, February 19, 2009


Have already been up for three hours, because carson has an eeg today to make sure his inability to pay attention isn't actually a seizure disorder. And while I don't really think it is, the "what if" monster and the "I have always hoped this wouldn't affect my children" monster are having great fun scratching at the glass. So. Pray for an uneventful brain wave a good way. :) and speaking of prayers, keep cora's family there as well...they are on the path that every parent prays every night they will never have to face. And visit cora's's at etsy so you know it's cool. I bought princess the cora paige dollie last night. Please, please support this cause.

updated to add: carson's eeg went fine, and we will know the results in a couple of days. the tech made me leave the room, which made me unhappy because i know what a seizure looks like on an eeg and wanted to see if there were any. and then she wouldn't tell me--or even hint--if she saw any; "the dr. has to read it!" and i know--I KNOW--that's her job, but still. GRR.

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