Saturday, July 11, 2009

omg, the awesomeness

a real entry. can ya'll believe it? i am PSYCHED. my blackberry storm is supposed to let me blog, and it did at first, but now it won't and i'm unsure if it's the phone or blogger. whatever. i blame clinton.
so how IS everyone? my kid turned SEVEN yesterday. i feel like i qualify for aarp or something. SEVEN. how is that possible? he's so big now! and ella is right behind him. she wears almost as much as him and wears tutus and petticoats all day, her "geautifuls" and is very proud of them. the other day she terrorized the really sweet indian guys across the hall by showing them her belly. i was no help...i laughed so hard i cried. i had all of these really eloquent posts in my head about how much we love wichita and how psyched we are to move and carson's bday and global warming and whatever, but i dunno. i'm just not feeling it this second.
and now i may be a picu nurse. am i smart enough for that? get back to me on that. k?
and a belated CONGRATS to arwen for little fish!

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Evenspor said...

congratulations on being able to blog. from work or are you hooked up now?