Tuesday, September 8, 2009

oh hey. so, it's been awhile

so.....*whistles aimlessly*....
meet some of my family! this is my awesome cousin jeff and his way cool wife, tish, and their new baby (squee) logan. he is MADE OF AWESOME. and makes my ovaries hurt. in a good way. you know what i mean.
that's pretty much it.
edited to add: you know w hat would also rock? IF I GAVE YOU THEIR LINK MY GOD I AM STUPID. it's ok, you can say it. i was thinking it, too. they live here.

OH, AND AAAANNNNNDDDDRRRRREEEAAAAA! I HAVE MISSED YOU, TOO! I also kind of wanted to put "adrian" instead of your name because latent Rocky references crack me up.

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