Saturday, November 7, 2009

So life WAS better...

Because we decorated! And ye olde plague was lifting! And then, THEN, we met our new neurologist.
I should preface this by stating that Jason and I go through 4 24pks of pop in two weeks. Probably 3 of those, but definitely 2 of them, are Mt. Dew.
Ya'll, my neuro has banned me (ok us, but really, now that withdrawal has kicked in it is every man for himself here) from caffeine. And tylenol and motrin. And I have to have an EEG before she will switch me to a headache preventative/anti-epileptic, like Topamax. Oh, and the med I have been on for nine years now causes osteoporosis. So I have to have a bone density test, as well. I asked if that could explain how I broke my leg when I was 35 weeks with Princess and she just looked at me. So...shit. If I don't post its because I died. Or Jason killed me from his own caffeine withdrawal. Send help. And milky way bars.
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Jeff & Tisha said...

That sucks! Sorry about your caffeine withdrawal. I work the day of Ella's party :-(