Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wichita does Halloween right Ya'll

First, the obligatory kid pics. Then, THEN, we went to College Hill to trick or treat...and let me just tell you, this is the equivalent of going to a Vegas show, or maybe Disneyland. Holy hell, you guys. It was AWESOME. There was so much to see! Tombstone in the front yard with a jack-o-lantern? That's for slackers. We saw a full scale pirate ship coming from a house, complete with mast, rigging, and candy laden pirates. The wicked witch had just crushed her sister and the scare crow and tin man were concerned. Jack and Sally were cavorting in the cemetery. Ghosts were flying and singing. A castle full of mental patients, witches, and mummies gave out candy and theatre info. And a full size mad scientist had a lab and was raising the dead, guarded by a variety of creatures. A HUGE cauldron held a zombie and was observed by a witch, and Shelob the spider guarded her web and a yard of at least fifty jack o lanterns. We were blown away. The best, though, was the animatronic cemetery wit pumpkin head ghosts who sang and danced, generously giving solos to three skeletons. One was in a coffin that popped open, and two literally jumped out of the ground to complete the ensemble. I will enclose as many cell phone pics as it will allow. Enjoy!
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