Sunday, January 3, 2010

Go say congrats!

And meet Levi, Cora's new brother, born yesterday. I can't add links on my phone, so its The Macs that you will be visiting. And people, let me tell you-if you ever need a spiritual pick me up, or a reason for joy, Jess is the one to give it to you. Her and Joel blew me away with their kindness and faith when Cora was sick and all of us at work check their blog regularly. These are the most amazing people you will meet in 2010, I can guarantee you. Cora was such an amazing little girl and through her name and story wonderful things have been accomplished...all with Jess and Joel's blessing and prayer that she continue to help more people.
Congratulations, Macs, on little Levi. Cora would be so proud.

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