Monday, August 16, 2010

two posts in a ROW? did the world just implode?

ok, so not to freak ya'll out or anything, but i'm back. for two days. in. a. row.
i know, right?
anyway, i wanted to let you know that i updated my "blogs i stalk" list to include some funny ass blogs i read now. in the words of em out.
and definitely be sure to look at Nick Holmes and his pics. MADE OF AWESOME, THESE ARE. i laugh so hard when is see them i nearly pee myself.
and speaking of peeing myself, go to Hyperbole and a Half (thanks, Amalah) and check out the pain scale. as a nurse, i DIED when i saw this. i'm going to start using this. "Excuse me, little Suzie, how is your pain? Does it feel like you you've been mauled by a bear, or that you're experiencing stigmata?" Bwah haha.

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Sara said...

Man, I don't know why it's taken me so long to come over here and say hello. But it's nice to meet you. Would you like to come over for dinner this weekend? And maybe sex? Oh, um, just kidding about the sex.... kind of.