Saturday, December 25, 2010

and so happy one and for all...

and so it is christmas...and what have you done?
i have john lennon and yoko ono stuck in my head, apparantly. it's christmas eve (well, christmas now) and i'm working while the kids and jason prepare for santa claus. i view it as a blessing that i can be a source of fun and whimsy for the kids here at the hospital. we made reindeer food and passed it around, and some of the kids scattered it in the hallways outside their rooms so santa and the reindeer can find them. my kids scattered theirs with me before i came in tonight. proof that kids will be kids, no matter what the situation. :)
i will be uber-exhausted tomorrow, but i'm trying to view it as a blessing as well since it means i am able to spend christmas with sick and well alike, and bring light to not just my kids, but others. i can think of children--five of them, to be exact--that i wish were here this christmas to spend it with us, and that i would give anything to see, here, or at their home, or on caringbridge. so i urge you all to cherish your little ones, and their memories if they are one of the five i'm missing, and hold them and kiss them tight this christmas eve. eat their cookies for santa and google the recipe for reindeer food (hint: it's oatmeal and glitter). eat too much candy and use too much tape on their presents. induce epilepsy with the blinking lights on the christmas tree. cherish every christmas like it were your last. and if last year WAS your last, know that your little one is looking down and loves you, and is guiding your way. and that all of us at chez rakes love you, too. god bless, and merry christmas.

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